【Official】Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku

For a maximum of 44 groups, we are open with a limited number of 20 groups that are kind to people, avoiding the Three Cs!

【Important resurrection】Reception resumes from September 21st! 『Useful! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign] 

  • Must read on the official website! "Useful! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign" ← Click here!

    【Inside  Yong】
     With discount limit of 5,000 yen and coupon ticket of 2,000 yen
     ※For more information, please be sure to check the official website of the Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign!
    【Reception period】
     Reiwa 3 September 21st (Wednesday) -December 31st (Friday) reservations are eligible
    【Target period】
     From Monday, September 27, 3rd year of Reiwa to Friday, December 31, 4th year of Reiwa
     ※Only for check-out on January 1, 4th year of Reiwa.
     ※This campaign will end as soon as the budget limit (subsidy ticket application amount) is reached.
    【Discount target】
     Residents of Niigata Prefecture
     ※You will need to show your identity verification documents (driver's license, etc.) when using the accommodation.

 "New travel etiquette" 

  • Safe and enjoyable travel avoiding the risk of infection

    From the Travel Liaison Committee (cooperation: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Tourism Agency), in order for the people to travel safely while avoiding the risk of infection, the matters to be noted when traveling to prevent infection are "new travel etiquette. It was summarized as.
    Please be aware of "new travel etiquette" when traveling, and go on a safe and enjoyable trip.We look forward to welcoming you.

【Limited Time Only】Rare and finest domestic matsutake mushrooms in stock! "Domestic Matsutake Kaiseki Cuisine"plan!

 About the facility's response to the new coronavirus 

  • About our response to the new coronavirus

    Thank you very much for using Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku.This facility is working to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including the new coronavirus, so that customers can use it with peace of mind.
    We sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation.

    ※The business method and period may be changed depending on the situation.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

This facility has been registered as a GOTO Travel accommodation operator!

  • Suisenkaku Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku with the GoTo Travel Campaign!

    【To those who have made a reservation from our website】
    Even if you make a reservation from our website, the discount for the GoTo Travel campaign has not been applied yet!
    After making a reservation, you need to go to the STAYNAVI page, register as a member, and then proceed with the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount procedure.
    After issuing the coupon, please present the GoTo Travel Campaign discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI at the front desk upon check-in.Please note that the discount will be applied for the first time after presentation.

 Hotel Facilities 

  • 【lobby】

    The lobby is a Japanese style with a soft color scheme.
    It is not decorated, the taste which was small,
    It calms the mind by blending with the flow of the relaxed time of the mountain.
    It is a little far from glamorous and sophisticated,
    Please spend a relaxing atmosphere in your shoulder elbow.
  • 【hearth】

    When you step into the facility, it is this hearth that draws your eye first.
    It is loved by everyone as a place of relaxation.
    Looking at customers who have flowers blooming around the hearth,
    I feel warm to you.
  • 【Coffee Lounge】

    The stone board laid on the table is a gemstone of jade.
    I feel comfortable and cool when I touch it,
    It is a natural table of Jade Ito Itoigawa.
    Please spend a wonderful time with coffee brewed with tasty water of the Hime river water system.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku


885-1 Otokoro, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



About 30 minutes to Itoigawa IC, about 40 minutes to Hakuba Village, about 70 minutes to Nagano IC, about 70 minutes to Azumino IC

Transfer available
We will pick you up from JR Oito-Line"Hiraiwa Station". Please tell us your arrival time in advance.
Because it is approximately one minute by car to the inn, please do not hesitate to contact us even if you contact us from arriving at the station without having to wait!
It will be around ten minutes on foot.
There are no convenience stores, taverns, or entertainment facilities around the hotel.It takes about 20 minutes by car to the nearest convenience store.
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 "Recruitment information" Why don't you work at Himekawa Onsen Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku?  

  • Why do not you work at Himekawa Onsen, Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku?

    The facility is looking for staff to work with you.
    Here Himekawa Onsen is a hot spring inn located in a quiet mountain area in Itoigawa City.
    The purpose of working at a ryokan is very simple.
    That is "to please customers."
    To make customers happy, nothing difficult is necessary.
    It is a workplace where anyone can do a fulfilling job as long as they have a heart that values joy and joy.
    If you are interested, we are looking forward to your application over the phone.

    We also accept company tours from time to time, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.