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Surrounding tourism

  • 【Autumn leaves attractions】Tsugaike Nature Park(Make a mistake)

    • Heaven's wetland fascinated by the beauty of mountains and nature

      This is the only nature-filled spot in the area!
      Get excited and get on the gondola and the ropeway
      To the beautiful high-rise wetland spreading in the 1,900 m altitude.

      A tree road is maintained in the park
      While relaxing the beauty of various alpine plants
      You can stroll down slowly in the unspoiled nature.

      A barrier free section is also provided
      It is a place where everyone can feel the nature carefully.

      ·Estimate of autumn leaves time period: early to mid October
      ·About 40 minutes by car from the hotel (until the gondola station)

      Natural enjoyment degree:★★★★★
  • 【Autumn leaves attractions】Hakuba Iwakedo Mountain Resort

    • Good access! A gondola stop in 5 minutes from the national highway!

      The charm of Hakuba Iwakake Mountain Resort is a place where access to a superb view is very good.

      Arrived at the gondola station in about 5 minutes by car from Route 148.
      If you ride about 8 minutes to the gondola
      There is a panoramic view of the mountaintop overlooking the mountains of Hakuba.

      At the beginning of October 2018 the mountaintop terrace of the image was completed.
      Various activities are also enriched
      It is a spot that you can enjoy active as well as leisurely.

      ·Autumn Leaves Timing Estimate: Mid October to Mid November
      ·About 40 minutes by car from the hotel (until the gondola station)

      Good access:★★★★★

  • 【Autumn leaves attractions】Kamoike (Kumaike)

    • Autumn leaves photography spot where people holding a camera gather in autumn

      Otarimura landscape that I want to put on the camera most like the autumnal leaves of Otarimura (Omura Mura)
      It may be in this Kamike pond.

      Especially on a calm day without wind
      The foliage reflected on the surface of the water is a breathtaking beauty.

      Not only the flora of autumn leaves
      Withered in the late autumn is wonderful
      You can also invite the heart of the photographer.

      Of course not limited to photography
      It is very pleasant to walk through the beech forest around the pond
      It is a quiet place to rest your heart.

      ·Autumn leaves time estimate: mid-October to late
      ·About 50 minutes by car from the hotel

      Popularity with camera lovers:★★★★★

  • 【Perfect for adult learning】Fossa Magna Museum

    • The finest jade and the minerals and fossils collected from all over the world are masterpieces!

      "What is Fossa Magna? I heard that there are things I heard ... but that museum?"
      Although some may be called
      This is a facility with a taste of "a museum that touches the beautiful minerals and the wonders of the earth".

      It sounds somewhat solid
      Because there are many beautiful minerals
      You can simply enjoy "Wow ~ Beautiful"
      From there, "Why could such a thing be natural?"
      Because it is made to stimulate curiosity to the earth and deepen understanding
      It is a perfect place for adults to learn.
      Of course I can understand things about "Fossa Magna" in detail.

      "What is Fossa Magna?"
      Please try clearing this moyamoya.

      ·Approximately 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      You can enjoy it even if you do not like minerals:★★★★★
  • 【The power of the big quay near the eyes】Kotakigawa Hisuikyo

    • The jade growing area spreads a pure flow and powerful scenery

      Kotakigawa Hisuikyo the observatory of Kotakigawa Hisuikyo, you can see the big quay of Meisei Mountain.
      Mountains that look like huge monoliths
      The appearance that it approaches in front is great force!

      I can get off the river
      Time spent by the beautiful flow of Kotakigawa
      It is very refreshing and pleasant.
      Jade stones can also be seen in the flow.※

      While feeling majestic nature in Jade Gorge
      Recommended for those who want to relax.

      ·Approximately 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      Superb view monopoly:★★★★★

      ※Although Jade Gorge is the producing place of jade as its name
      Currently jade collection is forbidden.
      Because you can collect the coast
      If you are looking for jade please try looking at the beach.
      Because we will appreciate stones collected at Fossa Magna Museum
      Please try on Itoigawa's experience!