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Surrounding tourism

  • "Realizing the fun of architecture", Tanimura Art Museum (Architecture)

    • A mysterious building handled by a guru of modern architecture

      Tanimura Art Museum first got into that magical building
      It is strongly eye-catching.

      It was Mr. Togo Murano who worked on this building.
      One of the leading architects in Japan
      Such as "Nikko Theater" in Yurakucho and "World Peace Memorial Cathedral" in Hiroshima
      It is known for its wonderful work.

      For customers who like architecture
      "Well, there are Murano works in Itoigawa?" There are also things that are surprised.

      A distinctive design where the rigid part and the fantastic world view were mingled
      Mr. Murano gives a rich and flexible feeling
      It tells us the fun of the expressions of architecture.

      Of course, those who are interested in architecture
      It is a facility where people who do not feel the charm of buildings.

      ·About 30 minutes by car from the hotel

      Unexpected work of the master: ★★★★★
  • "Inseparable relationship between works and space", Tanimura Art Museum (Collection item)

    • A tranquil beauty interwoven with wood carving work by masters and beautiful daylighting

      Tanimura Art Museum of Tanimura Art Museum is housed in
      Mr. Masahiro Sawada worshiped works by Masaru Sasada who received the Order of Culture.

      Not only its excellent skill but also the artist's mind seems to ooze out
      I am impressed with the deep taste of the work.

      It is the one that draws out the appeal of the work to the maximum
      It is an architecture by Mr. Togo Murano who reminiscent of Silk Road's cave temple.

      Especially the soft shadow by natural lighting calculated
      It complements the natural beauty of natural wood.

      As if leisurely going inside the facility like a white cave
      Eventually I will encounter a wood carving Buddha wearing soft light.
      It is a beautiful time to feel the mind becoming calm.

      Masters collaboration degree: ★★★★★
  • 【Perfect for adult learning】Fossa Magna Museum

    • The finest jade and the minerals and fossils collected from all over the world are masterpieces!

      "What is Fossa Magna? I heard that there are things I heard ... but that museum?"
      Although some may be called
      This is a facility with a taste of "a museum that touches the beautiful minerals and the wonders of the earth".

      It sounds somewhat solid
      Because there are many beautiful minerals
      You can simply enjoy "Wow ~ Beautiful"
      From there, "Why could such a thing be natural?"
      Because it is made to stimulate curiosity to the earth and deepen understanding
      It is a perfect place for adults to learn.
      Of course I can understand things about "Fossa Magna" in detail.

      "What is Fossa Magna?"
      Please try clearing this moyamoya.

      ·Approximately 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      You can enjoy it even if you do not like minerals:★★★★★
  • 【The power of the big quay near the eyes】Kotakigawa Hisuikyo

    • The jade growing area spreads a pure flow and powerful scenery

      Kotakigawa Hisuikyo the observatory of Kotakigawa Hisuikyo, you can see the big quay of Meisei Mountain.
      Mountains that look like huge monoliths
      The appearance that it approaches in front is great force!

      I can get off the river
      Time spent by the beautiful flow of Kotakigawa
      It is very refreshing and pleasant.
      Jade stones can also be seen in the flow.※

      While feeling majestic nature in Jade Gorge
      Recommended for those who want to relax.

      ·Approximately 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      Superb view monopoly:★★★★★

      ※Although Jade Gorge is the producing place of jade as its name
      Currently jade collection is forbidden.
      Because you can collect the coast
      If you are looking for jade please try looking at the beach.
      Fossa Magna Museum we will appreciate stones collected at Fossa Magna Museum
      Please try on Itoigawa's experience!