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  • "Himekawa Onsen" is a prefectural boundary between Niigata Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture.

    From the small sea town Itoigawa Sea of ​​Japan, it is located in the Hiraiwa district where you have entered the mountain for about 25 minutes by car.

    If you cross the clear stream Himekawa flowing in front of you, there is Otarimura in Nagano prefecture.

    And right there, Hakuba Village where you can enjoy nature all year round.

    Everyday I spend in the hustle and bustle ....
    Why do not you have a relaxing time in the end?
  • The passion of the hot springs country - source and bath -

    "Kakage running hot spring" rich in hot water amount by self source,
    You can enjoy pure sources anytime.

    The inner bath is divided into "Atsume no yu" and "Lukemi no Yu"
    You can enjoy hot springs at a temperature closer to your choice.

    In the evening, I am looking at the sky full of stars and I am in an outdoor hot spring.
    A quiet environment, a scenery that colors the four seasons.Moments to enjoy the hot spring relaxedly to everyone.
  • Seasonal country passion - Food and cooking -

    Itoigawa, crab, shrimp, Seikai, yellowtail, blessed flounder, monkfish, cod, to "fresh Japanese seafood" such as by shellfish, along with the thaw, reach small basket, bud of cod, Udo, also "riches of the soil," such as Udobuki, food It is a treasure house.

    Also, Himekawa flowing in front of the hotel,
    It is a very beautiful place of water that was chosen as the Best Seiryu in Japan in Honshu Best Seiryu in Japan in Best Seiryu in Japan.

    "It's delicious and rich in ingredients", in a very privileged environment,
    Everyday, we utilize the seasonal ingredients selected carefully to create a masterpiece of whole body.
  • Hospitality - Rooms·stay·service-

    The goodness of national wealth, even if it says, to have you relax by arriving early in the accommodation.

    Enter the hot spring, eat delicious dishes,
    In the evening, relax relaxingly looking at the sky full of stars.

    "I'd like to take care of your time! "
    From such a thought, we try not to enter the guest room as much as possible.

    Kunitomi will "cherish your time with you" from now on.