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Megumi of mountain and Japanese seafood, From ingredient rich Itoigawa.

Megumi of mountain and Japanese seafood

  • Fall in the fall! In the way to eat matsutake most deliciously ... Kuroge Wagyu Beef and Swallow Snaquet are also "Fall plan"

    The autumn we felt serenity somewhere in the heart, as the light of summer weakened.
    It is a fruitful season that makes you miss a deliciously delicious one.
    It is perfect for such autumn mood, it is the hotel Ichioshi plan Hotel Kunitomi autumn!

    Inside while chatting how to eat tasty matsutake mushrooms
    "Fly of Matsutake" that the talk turned out to be realized and
    Various taste and texture spread mildly from a white-colored pot
    Exquisite "sweet season of sweet bream and soybean tofu soymilk pot" etc.
    Lots of menus that make use of materials!

    ◆Matsutake mushrooms scented with crispy texture "Fly of matsutake"
    ◆'Delicious Seasonal Sweet Bittern and Ottoro Tofu Soy Milk Pot' with exquisite soup stock
    ◆The taste flavored by the delicious texture "grip of prawn shrimp"
    ◆Grilled Japanese black beef and autumn vegetable butter soy sauce
    ◆Niigata's new brand rice Shinnosuke and autumn radish and bird rice kettle
    ◆A staple of national wealth in autumn! Popular "mushroom juice"
    ◆Flavor of ingredients Gently spreading "Sweet potato tea canned fishes"
    ◆Assorted autumn seafood

    We will prepare a comprehensive menu of about 10 items including such as.

    It is a limited time plan from September 1 to November 22.
    Definitely the best of the season! Hotel Kunitomi recommends at its best
    Please use the Aki plan!
  • To everyone, rare and fine matsutake ...Limited time "domestic Matsutake mushroom meal dish"plan

    In this hot weather and drought it will affect the growth of matsutake mushi ...
    In some cases it may be difficult to provide this year's domestic Matsushima plan...
    I was worried about that at a time
    Just the other day a message saying "this year's matsutake mushrooms, good ones are out!

    I got it sent quickly, but this is certainly the best quality.
    When you pinch the part of the handle, I feel supple elasticity.
    When you insert a kitchen knife it seems like crackling and crackling.
    Lightly squeezing it into soup stock and trying it out would be like shakiyaki
    Refreshing fragrance that goes through the nose suddenly with a unique pleasant texture.
    This is definitely fine matsutake.

    "I would like everyone to enjoy the goodness of this material"
    This plan prepared for such a thought.
    We will deliver with fragrance and texture, recipe that you can fully enjoy the charm of the material itself.

    ◆Exquisite flavor with melted smell of matsutake "steamed potato mat"
    ◆Enjoy the taste of the material as it is "charcoal grilled mushroom"
    ◆"Shabu-shabu of Japanese Wagyu and Matsutake" where the smell of matsutake and the taste of meat are full of mouth
    ◆"Matsutake mushroom potted fish" irresistible of cooked fragrance
    ◆Assorted autumn seafood

    Ten items including mushrooms and other items will be served.
    The period is until October 14th.
    Please enjoy the luxurious autumn taste you can only taste now.

    ·Private outdoor bath 30 minutes use service

    ※The dish image is an image.
  • ~Food rich Itoigawa~

  • From spring to summer, cuisine photo gallery

    Spring of Himekawa river comes along with soft snow melting.
    Brilliant coloring, the crispy flavor of the wild plants is the enjoyment of spring.

    The deep green of the mountains shines in the strong sunshine and a beautiful summer.
    Please enjoy the taste of the summer of the Sea of ​​Japan, such as sword fish, abalone, scallop and so on.

  • From Autumn to Winter, Dishes Photo Gallery

    The Himekawa Keikoku autumn that will color day by day.
    Mushrooms and new rice Koshihikari · · ·It is the season when you feel the grace of the earth full of taste.

    Seasonal seafood is particularly delicious in winter.
    There is a winter taste of Itoigawa here such as Kanko and Kono.