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Megumi of mountain and Japanese seafood, From ingredient rich Itoigawa.

Megumi of mountain and Japanese seafood

  • ~Food rich Itoigawa~

  • From winter to spring, food photo gallery

    Spring of Himekawa river comes along with soft snow melting.
    Brilliant coloring, the crispy flavor of the wild plants is the enjoyment of spring.
  • From spring to summer, cuisine photo gallery

    The deep green of the mountains shines in the strong sunshine and a beautiful summer.
    Please enjoy the taste of the summer of the Sea of ​​Japan, such as sword fish, abalone, scallop and so on.

  • From Autumn to Winter, Dishes Photo Gallery

    The Himekawa Keikoku autumn that will color day by day.
    Mushrooms and new rice Koshihikari···It is the season when you feel the grace of the earth full of taste.

    Seasonal seafood is particularly delicious in winter.
    There is a winter taste of Itoigawa here such as Kanko and Kono.