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  • 【About reservation method】
  • 【Those who have made a reservation from our website】

    Only plan with "GoTo Travel Discount Target" are eligible.
    After completing the reservation at the normal price, please get the discount coupon from the "STAY NAVI" site.Member registration is required separately.
    Please show the acquired coupon at check-in.
    ※Please print it out or show the screen of the acquisition coupon on STAY NAVI My Page.
    ※If you do not have the above environment, please note the coupon number and bring it with you.
    ※Customers who do not show the coupon number cannot get the discount.
     Please be sure to show the coupon number to the front desk.
    If you are not good at operation, please indicate in the remarks column that you want to be issued by proxy.
    We will issue it by proxy at this facility, so please fill in the signature and contact information at check-in.
  • 【Jalan net】
     Sold at regular price.G On the payment information input screen at the time of reservation, do not remove the check from "Agree and use the above" depending on whether or not the coupon is used.
     The reservation is automatically completed with the discounted amount.
     ※Please note that no discount will be given if you stay without using the coupon.

    【Rakuten Travel】
     The box for "GOTO coupon" acquisition will appear on the reservation input screen. Please acquire the coupon.
     On the reservation information input screen, set to use coupon and complete the reservation.
     Reservations will be completed at a discounted price using coupons.

    【Yahoo! Travel】
     Sold at regular price.You will be automatically discounted at the time of booking and your booking will be completed at the discounted price.

    ※Points and coupons for each reservation site can be used together.

    【Book directly with us】
     Please state "I want to use GOTO Travel" when making a reservation.
     We will issue a discount coupon of "STAY NAVI" on behalf of this facility.
     Please sign the coupon and fill in the contact information at check-in.

    Cannot be used in conjunction with the "Tsunaguniigata Accommodation Campaign".